Open Doors: A Collection of Our Journeys

A Step

For some our steps are on easier terrain today, for others it is a first, unsure step on what appears to be a treacherous, dangerous, and foggy path.


Regardless of where you are, you’re welcome here.

This blog’s goal is to share stories from our members about their struggles and triumphs in being both gay and a father. Each of our paths are unique, yet there are similarities. You are not alone nor the first to stare down a path you weren’t sure would lead to happiness.

Our guest blogs are their own experiences and opinions. What is right for me may not be right for you. Only you can and should choose what works for you.

We hope you find peace, comfort, laughter, and a stronger sense of self worth through our blog. Please reach out to us if you need someone to listen without judgement. Also join us for plenty of free hugs!

Please contact us with questions or if you want to give us feedback.


Watch this page for future posts coming soon!



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